What We See In The Darkness

What We See In The Darkness

Written and Directed by Claire Procter, Assistant Directed by Danielle Johnson

What We See in the Darkness was a Theatre performance that was held at Blue Coats School in the Spring of 2019. Performed by international students from the National Mathematics and Science College.

The City. A place of high stakes and short supplies. Where fake news has real consequences.
A Mysterious online organisation claims to know the truth. But will the answers they offer lead to new understanding or an even more dangerous divided world?
Dawn is coming. May the light of the truth shine upon us.

Since the end of September, the students participated in a bespoke weekend drama programme at the Belgrade Theatre. Taking part in these activities enhanced students’ verbal and non-verbal communication skills, broadened their understanding of British Culture and strengthened their team-working skills, all of which support their academic studies.

During the weekly workshops students explored a number of ideas and texts, and learnt a range of theatre skills, culminating in the performance of What we See in the Darkness.