Performed in the Belgrade B2 space in July 2019.

RAW 3 was an opportunity for young people in our workshop groups to develop, pitch and deliver their own performance ideas whilst being supported by professional practitioners and being given skills & development opportunities.

During 2018-19, we offered our youth theatre members the opportunity to turn their ideas into short 10 minute pieces of theatre. We encouraged them to pitch innovative stories that explore ideas of importance to them as young people, and reflected the world around us.

Over the academic year, all of our Youth Theatre Groups worked with their group leaders to explore a range of performance styles and techniques, as well as a host of interesting material and stimuli. Each group also received a workshop from a visiting practitioner, who helped to provoke their thinking about different ways of telling stories through theatre.

Our Participants worked with:

  • Charles Craggs – Sound Practitioner
  • Paul O’Donnell – Contemporary Theatre Practitioner
  • Ashley Brown – Digital Practitioner
  • Dave McKenna – Movement Practitioner
  • Teddy Lamb – Trans Theatre Practitioner
  • Nina Dolezalova – Verbatim Theatre Practitioner

After a pitching process, those performances selected were then cultivated from January to July, amongst them were:

Week 1:

Palm Oil Problems by Junior Black Youth Theatre

Devised by the Cast, Directed by Leon Phillips.

Ain’t no Black in the Rainbow by Black Youth Theatre

Written by the Cast, Directed and edited by Femi Themen

Your Shade is Calm by Black Youth Theatre

Devised by the Cast

Knife Crime in Coventry by Black Youth Theatre

Written and Directed by Levi Smallridge

Being Human By Senior Youth Theatre

Written by Gemma-Luise Sharman, Directed by the cast

Click Hate by 22-30 Theatre Group

Written by Jason Riley, directed by the cast.

Week 2:

Buckingham Palace Heist by Junior Canley Youth Theatre

Devised by the Cast

Breaking Point by Canley Youth Theatre

Written by Lena Kozik, Oliver Miskin & Mark Fannon

Fake News by Middle Youth Theatre

Written by the cast

Man’s World by Middle Youth Theatre

Led by Jess Lake with Eleanor Parker

Visible by Middle Youth Theatre

Led by Tyler Paterson

The Real Reyes – Cracking the Coconut by Asian Youth Theatre

Written by Avery De Vera and D’Angelo Fitzpatrick