Written by Alice Birch, directed by Kim Hackleman, Assistant directed by Katherine Allen

On Saturday 6 April 2019, Belgrade LifeStage students performed , Alice Birch’s theatrical provocation about adults and children impacted by the criminal justice system, exploring what life is like when adults feel absent from it and the choices that face young people in the midst of that reality.

[BLANK] is no traditional play, it’s a series of 60 scenes about adults and children impacted by the criminal justice system. It can about whatever you like – you can choose as many or as few scenes in order to construct your own narrative and place them in any order you like.

Belgrade LifeStage students chose 13 scenes to set their story in Coventry today.

James is worrying about his mum, Mel, and can’t stop remembering visiting her is prison.

Peter and Matty’s mum has a few more months until she gets out. Matty is concerned about where his next meal is going to come from when Peter disappears to sort things out and ends up inside with Louis.

Bethany doesn’t know how much more she can take before she just has to go.

Steve, John, and Ellie want to help them, but just don’t know how.

Belgrade LifeStage is a Work Related Learning programme which uses the Belgrade Theatre’s expertise in teaching through drama to deliver qualifications, giving the learners confidence and transferable skills.