Retold - rehearsal image

Stories that inspired Retold

Here are just a few of the stories that members of the public have shared with us and have inspired our piece, Retold.

1. I am in Coventry today for the first time. As soon as I came down from the station it was like coming down into a crater. One of the first places I came to was the indoor market which I thought was AMAZING. So many different stalls and nationalities buying and selling, bringing all the people of Coventry together. I found a stall selling vintage posters and bought one which featured coloured enamelled radiators. On the way out I was seduced by an apple the size of a bowling ball, and I bought it for 30p.

2. I stood near Forum Bowing when Cov City FC were driven through town in the open top double-decker bus as champions with FA cup.

3. Fond Memory- Fishy Moores with Mum on Tuesday afternoons. Not sure whether it was the fish and chips, special time with Mum or getting out of school that made it.

a. Winning FA Cup – Walking down Walsgrave Road just amazing the buzz and excitement everywhere even those who disliked football were on a high. b. Favourite Place – Dog and Trumpet early 1980’s I had such fun!!

4.Filming a dance film in the water fountain near Nando’s in City Centre. It was a freezing cold day and all 5 members of the group were cold and shivering in the cold water fountain! What a memory!

5. Favourite place in Coventry is Broadgate. There you are in the very centre of the city and can watch the world go by and see all sorts going on.

6. My favourite place in Coventry is the city arcade – whilst it’s not the grandest architecture in the city, it perfectly captures the post-war style, aspirations and a sense of optimism. In a way it’s faded from modernist elegance to a certain seedy shabbiness. It tells the city’s story- especially as a home to art spaces, it tells the story of an arts led re-invention.

7. I love the Cathedral ruins and it’s surroundings. It’s very peaceful, quiet – a rather unusual place in Cov. Once I’ve been in the cathedral ruins for an open-air-cinema event. They did show ‘Casablanca’ and you could watch the movie, sitting on deck chairs on the middle of the ruins in a beautiful summers night. A place being destroyed in Word War 2, watching a film situated in World War 2 – and being in a peaceful environment – however. Seagulls soaring above our heads. Somewhat paradox and beautiful at the same time!

8. Watching the tightrope walker for millennium celebrations. Observing the tightrope walker walking between two of the Coventry Spires. Feeling the nerves and excitement with him. Feeling part of something.

9. Dancing to obscure Jazz music in inspire.

10. Pillow couch fort in my living room in Earlsdon – where I no longer live. Fellow house dweller was a dear friend – we were building home together, gathering things for living spaces; kitchens; friends; stories; movie frames; memories; one single plant ; 2 nomads