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all the moves

Written by Chris O’Connell and Directed by Justine Themen

The Belgrade Theatre celebrated the launch of its Young Company with the gritty drama all the moves, which premiered in the Belgrade’s B2 auditorium from 4 to 13 November 2010.

Written by Theatre Absolute’s award winning playwright, Chris O’Connell, for the Belgrade’s Young Company, all the moves explored the various feelings and emotions of a group of young people whose lives were loosely connected.

The show follows the intimate conversations that take place amongst this group of young people teetering on the edge of adulthood as they address diverse themes ranging from anger and identity, friendship and forgiveness, and revenge and love.

All the moves was specially commissioned to mark the establishment of the Belgrade’s Young Company, which was the latest offshoot of the Belgrade’s Community & Education Company and comprised of eight of the theatre’s most promising young performers when it first started.

Justine Themen, Associate Director for the Community & Education Company outlined the premise behind the creation of the Young Company:

“With so many young people collaborating with the Belgrade on such a wide range of projects, the Community & Education Company is obviously confronted with a considerable display of talent in the performing arts. To help develop this talent, we have formed a Young Company, to provide opportunities for members of the C&E groups who have shown a particular ability and commitment to working in theatre and whom we feel are ready to take part in a more intensive production process.”

The Belgrade’s Youth Theatre has previously nurtured key figures in the world of acting and theatre, including Hollywood star Clive Owen, director Laurence Boswell and Chris O’Connell himself.

In addition to the Young Company the Community & Education Company continues to run a range of community arts activities both at the theatre and in venues across the city.

Artistic Team:
Writer – Chris O’Connell
Director – Justine Themen
Assistant Director – Orla O’Connor
Designer – Janet Vaughan
Lighting Designer – Arnim Friess
Composer – Si Hayden Composer
Fight Director – Renny Kruprinski
Dramaturg – Ola Animashawun

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