Photo by Justine Themen


Written and directed by Lisa Byrne.

Presented by the Belgrade Community & Education Company’s Acting Out group, the brand new production ImPerfect premiered in B2 from 22 to 24 April 2010.

In today’s Size 0 culture, the media portrayals of super skinny, airbrushed celebrities has seen young people being forced to live up to to an impossible reality, making body hatred almost epidemic. Do today’s youngsters live in a constant battle of who they really are, locked in a battle of self identity?

The timely play questioned the notion of ‘perfection’ and who it is that decides what this really is.

ImPerfect examines the damaging effects our society is inflicting on future generations and explores the idea that people are restricted not by who they are, but by who they think they’re not.

Director Lisa Byrne outlined the initial thinking behind the production:

ImPerfect began by examining the theme of body respect and exploring how young people’s perception of beauty is distorted by some areas of the media and the beauty industry. The young people were very honest, and brought their real experiences to the devising process. It is only through exploring these experiences that the production began to take shape.”

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