The Story of Mary (photo by Robert Day)

The Mysteries - In Our Own Words

Produced by Justine Themen and Janthi Mills.

The Belgrade Theatre continued its long association with Coventry’s medieval Mystery plays when its Community & Education Company celebrated stories from the Bible and the Qur’an in an exciting collection of short dramas, readings, live art, film and dance.

Approximately 200 participants shared what these fantastic stories meant to them in today’s world as they presented a range of funny, thought provoking and hugely entertaining events.

This mixture of free and paid for performances took place in a number of unexpected spaces, which offered people the chance to fully explore the Belgrade Theatre after its recent redevelopment.

The plays included comtemporary retellings of stories such as Al Hijrah (Migration to Medina), Samson and Delilah with its wild hairdos and the spectacular coming of Judgement Day as well as a miraculous new Nativity.

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