Lost in Paradise CV6

Lost in Paradise CV6

Written by Vanessa Oakes with the Company. Directed by Lisa Byrne.

The Belgrade Community & Education Company presented Acting Out’s brand new production Lost in Paradise CV6 in B2 from 30 April to 2 May 2009.

Set in an urban wilderness in modern day Coventry (Paradise, CV6), three interconnected stories, The Temptation of Christ, Adam & Eve and Milton’s Paradise Regained, come together to produce a dramatic evening of new theatre.

The play follows the story of Jasmine, who has been missing from home for 40 days and nights. Her mother, Mary, is beside herself with worry. While Jasmine is lost in the wilderness, she faces hard life choices and confronts the main temptations that often face the youth of today.

Will she fall as Adam and Eve once did, or will she choose to be strong and reisist?

This modern retelling of a medieval mystery explores the challenges that young people face when they refuse to conform and examines their strong sense of wanting to belong and ‘fit in’.

Director Lisa Byrne explained the decision behind the story:

“We explored a few different stories with the group and we eventually decided upon The Temptation of Christ and the Adam and Eve story. We were very interested in the theme of temptation and began to explore what things tempt the young people today, as well as the challenges that they face when they refuse to conform.

“The idea of the wilderness was there from the beginning of the process, looking at a place that might seem quite alien to an outside eye, yet is a place where young people can feel safe; an escape. We also looked at the sense of wanting to belong and fit in and how, although this does stay with us throughout life, it is especially prevalent when in those teenage years.”

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