Look Twice

Look Twice

Devised and Performed by the Acting Out Company. Directed by Chris Sudworth.

The Belgrade Community & Education Company presented the Acting Out group’s brand new play Look Twice as part of the In Our Own Words festival from 2 to 5 April 2008.

Look Twice invited audiences into a world that adults don’t see – an intimate world of confessions, where truth collides with fiction, revealing raw souls and battered hearts but never-to-be-broken dreams. The play was a fast-paced fusion of theatre, dance and spoken word, told with the honest and passionate voice of Coventry’s young people.

The play asked important questions about the difference between reality for a young person and an adult. Why do adults not see the world of young people? Is it because young people deliberately hide it, or because adults don’t care enough to see? Are there some experiences that it is easier to pretend do not exist? And when is it appropriate for a child to cross into an adult world?

As part of the creative process, the Acting Out participants took photographs; improvised dialogue and scenes; discovered new dance forms; opened up their personalities and appearances up to criticism; created art installations; wrote lyrics, monologues, songs and poetry, and recorded confessions on digital voice recorders.

Director Chris Sudworth explained the process of creating Look Twice:

“With the Acting Out company I have been fortunate to collaborate with a diverse and dynamic range of personalities, full of opinions and with experiences and skills unique to them. They were the ‘something new’, the magic element in this process, that opened doors to new creative exercises and to a story rarely heard.

The gateway to our creative journey together was each individual’s make up: in other words, we started with the self and the experiences that have made us who we are today. We asked intrusive questions and gave intensely personal responses: relating to memories, fears, desires and ambitions; and reflecting on the world around us, and the events that assault our senses every day.

Through exploring our selves and our collective experiences, we arrived at a focus for our creative work and the central idea of the piece you will see today: the world that adults don’t see. This in turn offered up the title Look Twice.

The actors are not playing themselves, but people from similar ages and backgrounds. The actors are not necessarily telling their own story, but they might be. The actors are offering a rare glimpse into a world that they and their peers experience, but adults rarely witness. The finished play invited audiences to consider their own reality.”

Suitable for ages 12 and above, Look Twice was performed in the AUEW Building next to the Belgrade Theatre.

Artistic Team:
Director – Chris Sudworth
Co-Director – Lisa Byrne
Chorographer – Dave McKenna
Designer – Anna Lewis
Lighting Designer – Dirk Sarach-Craig
Stage Management – Bea
Dramaturg – Ola Animashawun

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