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The Fix

Devised by the Company, directed by Lisa Tremarco

The Belgrade Community & Education Company presented the brand new Acting Out production, The Fix from 18 to 21 April 2007.

Devised by members of the Acting Out project, the play is set in a fictitious television world where reality TV, game shows and real life converge in an ongoing blur of desperate winners and despairing losers.

The Fix follows three addicts seeking a “cure” to their addictions. Having tried to get help from their families and friends, their desperation leads them to The Fix, the crazy game show which promises to solve their problems – all in the name of entertainment.

Directed by Lisa Tremarco, the story satirises the exploitative nature of reality TV whilst asking serious questions about its subject matter.

Lisa said:

“The group became increasingly interested in the range of things that people can become addicted to – from substances usually associated with addiction such as drugs and alcohol, to more mundane (but nevertheless damaging) addictions such as TV viewing.

“They were particularly drawn to society’s growing obsession with voyeuristic reality TV – we peer into the lives of individuals, analysing their stories and dissecting their pasts – all for our own entertainment. But what about the lives we have broken and then discarded? What happens to those?”

Performed in Corporation Street’s former AUEW Building, The Fix contained strong language and was suitable for ages 12 and over.

Artistic Team and Technical Team:
Written by the Company
Director – Lisa Tremarco
Assistant Director / Stage Manager – Elizah Jackson
Designer – Abigail Prosser
Dramaturg – Vanessa Oakes
Sound Design – Dave Muir
Film – Dom Breadmore
Choreographer – Melanie Dykes
Director of Production – John Miller
Lighting – Dave Muir
Technical Operator – Tom Bailey
Carpenter – Andy Hilton and Dave Hughes
Original Poster – Barry Jobson

The Community & Education Company:
Associate Director – Community & Education – Justine Themen
Acting General Manager – Community & Education – Martin Kelly
Youth Theatre Co-ordinator / Administrator – Lori Ford
Senior Drama Worker – Acting Out – Tom Bailey
Drama Worker – Kathryn Johnson
Outreach Youth Theatre Co-ordinator – Lyndi Smith
Support Workers – Elizah Jackson, Richard Boland and Sunny Patel-Jones

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