Big School: Midsummer Madness

Big School: Midsummer Madness

Directed by Helen Tennison

The Belgrade Community & Education Company toured Big School once again to Coventry primary schools in June 2007 in order to help pupils deal with their anxieties about taking the step up from primary to secondary school.

Big School is a project that launched in 1999 and was initially commissioned from the Belgrade by the Local Education Authority. Although the themes of the play have remained constant over the years, the theatre creates a brand new production using different actors every three years. 2007 saw the last of three productions of the play Midsummer Madness.

The play was complemented by workshops that offered the children a chance to discuss their fears and concerns about moving to secondary school, as well as an opportunity to dispel some of the more common myths and stories that can worry children at this time.

Director Helen Tennison commented at the time:

“The show and workshop creates a fun, supportive way for children to express some of the fears they may have about moving up to big school, such as bullying, getting lost and dealing with the increased workload. Through games and quizzes we look at ways to cope with these challenges and emphasise the fun opportunities to be found at their new school.”

The actors involved in the 2007 production were Raewyn Lippert, Kirin Jogi and Gavin Allen.

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