Devised with the Company, written by Marielle Van Sauers, directed by Anna Barradell

The Belgrade Community & Education Company presented the Youth Theatre’s brand new production Ssshh… from 8 to 10 June 2006.

The play centres around the theme of secrets, drawing the audience into a world of whispers, revelations and secret-keeping.

Practical workshops and group discussions allowed the participants to discuss their feelings on the subject, which became the basis for the script. As this developed, the group improvised around the ideas of the writer and director, and the second theme of the play – growing up – emerged.

Exploring how the role of secrets shifts from childhood to adolescence, the production eventually took shape to become Ssshh…, aimed at young people aged 9-13 years.

Ssshh… was performed in Room 1 of the former AUEW Building, previously next to the Belgrade Theatre.

Artistic Team:
Associate Director – Community & Education – Justine Themen
Head of Youth and Education – Julia Smith
Arts for Employability Co-ordinator – Kerry Harvey
Administrator – Ann Coyne
Senior Drama Worker – Tom Bailey
Youth Drama Worker – Anna Barradell
Support Worker – Lori Ford

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