Photo by Justine Themen.

Dead Beautiful

Devised by the Company with Helen Tennison. Directed by Helen Tennison

The Belgrade Community & Education Company presented the Youth Theatre’s brand new production, Dead Beautiful, from 29 to 31 July 2004.

Devised entirely by the Youth Theatre, the play told the story of a journey from breakdown to breakthrough, when a young hip-hop crew struggled to come to terms with the death of their lead rapper, Sarah.

The production was set during the run up to a talent competition at the Youth Club, for which the four friends had been practising a rap. Practising in secret, in the lift of the city’s highest skyscraper, Sarah showed them how, if you look at things in a certain way, you can find beauty and hope in even the most dismal of places.

Then, out of the blue, Sarah was hit by a car and died in hospital. Struggling to come to terms with their loss, and the new, raw absence in their lives, the group split apart.

She kept the other three in line, gave them the confidence to perform, she was the force that made it all work. So, what were they going to do when she died?

Directed by Helen Tennison and Designed by Louise Jones, Dead Beautiful told the story of the week between the death and the day of the talent show and revealed how, by understanding another’s hurt, you can understand your own.

The production was performed at various schools and community centres throughout Coventry, including Whoberley Hall Primary School (29 July), St. Peter’s Scouts Centre (30 July) and the Hagard Community Centre (31 July). Free drama worshops accompanying the show were also held for young people aged from 12-18 years old.

Suitable for young people aged 12 and over, tickets for Dead Beautiful were free but had to be reserved via Box Office.

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