Lorrein-Black Youth Theatre

Lorrein-Black Youth Theatre

Our Black Youth Theatre gives young Black populations in Coventry and Warwickshire the opportunity to develop their theatre techniques both on stage, through singing, dancing and acting, as well as back stage through writing and directing. By having separate theatre groups, the young people are never a minority within their group and can explore specific challenges together, giving them a voice that would otherwise not be heard.

Lorrein says

“[being in the] Black Youth Theatre has given me so many wonderful opportunities and self-confidence. I have learnt a lot about myself, about other people’s ideas and cultures, and it allows me to express my own thoughts and feelings through the workshops”.

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The Belgrade Theatre Trust (Coventry) Ltd is a registered charity (No 219163). All the money given, raised or earned is not distributed as profit, but kept and reinvested back in to our work.