Red Lane Goes ‘Green’ As Energy Consumption Figures Fall

Posted on 4 August 2014

Belgrade Theatre Production Services are celebrating an overall reduction in energy consumption levels between 2012/13 and 2013/14 following the completion of a £350,000 refurbishment to the Belgrade Theatre’s workshop facilities in Red Lane.

The extensive renovation project, which was completed by local firm Deeley Construction earlier this year, involved replacing the roof and walls, installing new skylights plus various structural repairs – while work in the workshops underneath continued. The recent refurbishment also saw the installation of a new, energy-efficient gas boiler which has resulted impressive 36% decrease in gas usage between 2012/13 and 2013/14.

According to a recent report published by the venue, the Belgrade Theatre has benefitted from an overall reduction in gas and electricity usage across its facilities since 2009 (which includes both the Belgrade Theatre and the Belgrade Production Services Workshops in Red Lane).

Executive Director, Joanna Reid said: ‘As a theatre, the Belgrade takes seriously its commitment to improving energy-efficiency across all of its facilities. The recent structural improvements to our workshops in Red Lane and the ongoing education of all staff in eco-friendly professional practice has resulted in a much ‘greener’ working environment all round, as proven by the dramatic drop in energy consumption levels at our workshops between 2012/13 and 2013/14. Through the ongoing work of our ‘Green Team’ which includes a representative from each department, the theatre continues to identify new and creative ways of making maximum use of its resources in order to monitor and, where possible, reduce its environmental impact’.

The recent improvements to Red Lane represent one of a series of environmental commitments undertaken by the Belgrade Theatre between 2013/14. Other achievements of note during this period include the introduction of eco-friendly cleaning products throughout the organisation, a newly improved website and online booking system resulting in a 19% increase in online sales per annum, an overall reduction in outgoing post in favour of paperless communication and the introduction of a timer system on all boilers throughout the building. Ongoing investigations into the introduction of photovoltaic roof panelling and the use of ‘Skype’ to replace in-person meetings are also underway.

A summary of the theatre’s key energy saving achievements in 2013/14 plus a list of strategic priorities for the year 2013-2018 can be found by downloading a newly updated copy of the theatre’s Environmental Plan from the Environmental Section of the Belgrade Theatre website.

The Belgrade Theatre is fully committed to looking at ways that it can operate more efficiently, waste less and reduce its ecological footprint.

In a bid to address climate change and reduce its impact on the environment, the Belgrade Theatre introduced its own green policy, ‘Striving to be Green’ in 2008 and established its own in-house Green Team, which includes a representative from each department. A copy of this document is available for download from the Belgrade Theatre website.

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