Coventry Construction Firm To The Rescue as Belgrade Production Services Build Home For The Future

Posted on 9 April 2014

Belgrade Production Services (BPS) is celebrating a £300,000 refurbishment to its Red Lane home following the completion of an 18-week renovation by local firm Deeley Construction earlier this month.

The extensive renovation project involved replacing the roof and various structural repairs – while work in the workshops underneath continued.

From its workshops, Belgrade Theatre Productions (BPS) produce sets for all of the Belgrade Theatre’s productions and for theatres around the country, including the National Theatre, Stafford Gatehouse and Newbury’s Watermill Theatre. The team also builds sets for film, TV and other events. In addition to the construction of sets, the BPS workshop also houses a fully equipped wardrobe department and a scenic art department.

The Red Lane building, which originally manufactured armaments for World War I, was showing distinct signs of ageing – enough for the company to debate whether to move to a new headquarters.

John Miller, of Belgrade Production Services, said: “We had looked around for a new home for a while but we had made considerable investments in the existing building with some bespoke facilities, and its size and location are ideal so we decided to improve rather than move.

“We are having a particularly busy time at the moment producing sets for the Science Museum and The Watermill Theatre and the Marc Bolan musical 20th Century Boy which kicks off its UK Tour in Inverness later this month’’.

“All that work had to continue while the refurbishment went on, and that is just want happened. It all went very smoothly.

“It has been quite a transformation. Not only does the roof no longer leak, but the light is so much better for our painters and other craftspeople and it will allow us to continue to expand the business.”

Martin Gallagher, managing director of Deeley Construction, added: “It is always rewarding when you can extend the useful life of a building and we think this work will have added 50 years to what is a fine old industrial building.

“You simply cannot undertake a project like this unless you work very closely and collaboratively with the client, and this was a perfect example of how to complete a complicated job while work continues underneath and around you.

“This is another example of a Coventry firm producing work of national and international quality and it is gratifying to hopefully make that process a little easier.”

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