Green Office Week 2012: Day One, Energy

Posted on 14 May 2012

This week (14 to 18 May) is Green Office Week, which aims to help make offices around the world greener by focusing on a different environmental topic every day. To show our support for the initiative and our ongoing commitment to our environmental policy we’ll be posting daily updates about the ways in which we are trying to make our offices, and the rest of the building, greener.

Monday’s topic is Energy

A number of initiatives have already been implemented which have helped to save energy, manage natural resources and cut these kinds of overhead costs, which as a charity, is key to our sustainability and allows us to divert more resources to the task of creating theatre.

Amongst other things, all lighting in the theatre has been converted to low energy, with approximately 1500 to 1600 light bulbs replaced, and all offices have been fitted with split switches allowing the lighting to be used over working desks only. Also, sensor lights have been fitted where appropriate and scheduled procedures are in place for ‘summer lighting’ between May and September when natural light is sufficient. Even the bulbs in our iconic chandeliers have now been changed to 18 watt halogen light bulbs which use 2.5kwh less energy on each chandelier.

All of this hard work has paid off and the theatre has reduced its energy consumption by 150,000 kwh in the last year, saving the theatre £8,000 and more importantly, reducing our CO2 impact.

To ensure that energy continues to be managed efficiently a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) has been installed that is able to monitor and control the services in the building, including gas and electricity.

Check out the Energy page on the Green Office Week website for tips and info on how to make your office greener.

Check back tomorrow to find out how we’re making our office greener in terms of Transport

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