The Goose is Loose! Help find her and win tickets to see Mother Goose

Posted on 24 November 2011

In a bid to sabotage this year’s panto, the Demon King has kidnapped Priscilla the golden egg laying Goose and is holding her captive somewhere in the city.

We’re desperate to get her back in time for the panto, Mother Goose, to start on 29 November and so we need everyone’s help to find her. One of the lucky people who helps us find Priscilla will win a family ticket to see the show.

Here’s how you can help:

Over the next few weeks the Demon King will be leaving a series of clues on our facebook and twitter pages to point us in the direction of Priscilla’s hiding place. All you need to do is decipher the clues then go to the place that you think Priscilla is – if you find her just leave your name and contact details in the competition box provided. Feel free to snap a picture of Priscilla and post it on our facebook and/or twitter page so we know she’s safe!

To make things difficult the Demon King is planning on moving her to a different location every week so keep you eyes peeled for new clues on our facebook and twitter pages every day.

We’re extremely grateful for everybody’s help, so as a reward we’ll be providing two of the lucky people who help us locate Priscilla with a family ticket to see her in action in Mother Goose. The first winner will be picked on Monday 14 Nov and another on Mon 28 Nov.

Thanks for your help and good luck!

Clues so far

Week One

  • 31/10/11 This week Priscilla will be kept in a place that is very quiet and where talking must be kept to a mimimum.
  • 01/11/11 Priscilla is able to surf the internet while she is here
  • 02/11/11 Click here to see a picture of the view from the top of the building in which Priscilla is being held
  • 03/11/11 Unscramble the following anagram to work out where she is: Cternla Lrbariy
  • 04/11/11 Click here to see another picture from The Demon King

Week Two

  • 07/11/11 This week Priscilla is taking in some art and culture in her current location
  • 08/11/11 Click here to see a picture of Priscilla in her current location
  • 09/11/11 Click here to see the lovely view she can see from where she is sitting
  • 10/11/11 According to The Demon King, if Priscilla were to stay in this location for one more week she’d be able to say “I woz ere with George Shaw”

Week Three

  • 16/11/11 Click here to see the view from Priscilla’a current location
  • 17/11/11 Click here to see a pic shows some of the wares on offer where she is
  • 18/11/11 Here is another pic of some of the things you can expect to see in Priscilla’s current hiding place

Week Four

  • Click here to see a picture that should lead you to Priscilla’s new and final location
  • This music should give you a clue to find Priscilla in the city centre
  • This week Priscilla should not be bored as there are plenty of things to entertain her in her current location

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