Deputy Buildings Manager Paul Duncombe changing the bulbs

Our iconic chandeliers go green with energy saving bulbs

Posted on 13 July 2012

Our iconic chandeliers have undergone an environmentally friendly makeover as all of their 300 60 watt bulbs are replaced with 28 watt energy saving halogen lamps.

The Belgrade was the first civic theatre to be built after the war and the unveiling of the chandeliers was hugely controversial due to the fact that the designer Bernard Schottlander was German. However, commissioning German artists for much of its public artworks was Coventry City Council’s way of promoting peace and reconciliation which the city is known for the world over.

Converting the chandelier’s bulbs to an energy saving alternative is part of the Belgrade’s ongoing commitment to making the theatre as green as possible by saving energy and managing natural resources. All other lighting in the theatre has already been converted to low energy, with approximately 1500 to 1600 bulbs replaced, and all offices have been fitted with split switches allowing the lighting to be used over working desks only. Also, sensor lights have been fitted where appropriate and scheduled procedures are in place for ‘summer lighting’ between May and September when natural light is sufficient.

A report undertaken by the Chamber of Commerce’s Carbon Trust has commended the steps we have taken to reduce energy consumption and to implement a robust environmental policy. Between 2009 and 2010/11 the theatre has already seen a reduction of 100,000 kWh of energy.

Find out more about the steps that we are taking to reduce our impact on the environment in our Striving to be Green Policy.

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