Important info about Godiva Awakes tickets

Posted on 8 June 2012

Thursday 28 June is your last chance to try and get tickets to Godiva Awakes. There are only a limited number left so here is everything you need to know about how and when to try and get yours.

A limited number of tickets will be available in person at the Box Office at 10am, followed by a limited number on the phones at 10.30am. There will also be a specific allocation of tickets reserved for online sale at midday via our website.

  • The Box Office will open promptly at 10am so those hoping to get tickets over the counter should get here early.
  • For those trying to get tickets over the phone at 10.30am the Box Office telephone number is 024 7655 3055.
  • If you’re hoping to buy tickets online at midday you can do so by going to the Godiva Awakes page on our website.
  • The allocation is two tickets per household
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