Green Office Week 2012: Day Four, Purchasing

Posted on 17 May 2012

Day four of Green Office Week is all about purchasing and how to think greener when ordering things like stationery.

Figures show that just one fifth of office workers choose environmentally friendly office products or recycled stationery. We choose to be as green as we can when it comes to purchasing, here’s an overview of what we’ve been doing so far.

Our catering firm Signatures at the Belgrade make it a priority to source local, good quality produce for the restaurant, Cafebar and Burbidge Bistro. Their beer suppliers have been changed to a carbon neutral local delivery firm and the coffee that they use is supplied by the Rain Forest Trust.

Throughout the building all stationery is ordered online, paper and envelopes are 100% recycled and green cleaning products are now in use. A pen made from fully recycled material has also been sourced and is used for Belgrade Events and paper towels are no longer used in public toilets as hand dryers are more environmentally friendly.

For the front of house team a solar battery charger has been purchased and is available for use by all departments and wind up torches have been purchased and are in use by the team.

We reuse items wherever we can to avoid purchasing new, so wherever possible stationery items, i.e. box files, folders and lever-arch files are reused and Belgrade Production Services endeavour to reuse sets and costumes and to alter and repair rather than renew. We are also continuing to source environmentally friendly pantomime merchandise and maintain the policy of recycled paper goodie bags containing environmentally responsible products such as fruit.

The final day of Green Office Week is all about Innovation, which is key to being green as it is an ongoing process that requires constant attention, thought and action.

Read our final blog post tomorrow to find out about our Striving to be Green policy and how our specially formed Green Team bring fresh ideas to the ongoing task of greening the Belgrade.

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