Wipers Rehearsal Photos: Bringing WW1 To Life

Posted on 11 April 2016

We’ve been behind the scenes of Wipers at Leicester Curve to see how this World War 1 play is shaping up. This gripping new period drama is set during October 1914 in Ypres, Belgium, right after the British forces have suffered huge casualties in one of the first bloody battles of The Great War.

Wipers is inspired by the real life story of Khudadad Khan, the first South Asian soldier to be awarded a Victoria Cross for his extraordinary bravery at the First Battle of Ypres – a site that went on to be known as “Wipers” by the soldiers who fought there.

These rehearsal images, in costume show a fascinating insight into this often forgotten history, highlighting the relationship between South Asia and Britain which has been in place for hundreds of years. The human cost of war, the plight of South Asian soldiers far from home, fighting alongside their British comrades – Wipers captures a different world, where soldiers eat, fight and die together.

This explosive new play by acclaimed playwright Ishy Din and directed by Suba Das, honours the contribution of the million South Asian soldiers who fought alongside their British brothers during the First World War.

These rehearsal photos highlight the physical nature of the roles, as well as transporting you back in time to the First World War. A vibrant and poignant play, these photographs provide an insight into recreating World War 1 from a whole different perspective.