We Love You City inspires new play about another legendary football match

Posted on 4 October 2013

We’re excited to learn that our play We Love You City, which told the story of Coventry City FC’s legendary FA Cup win, was the inspiration for a new play at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre that will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the unlikely match between Exeter City FC and Brazil.

The Day we Played Brazil, by Nick Stimson, is based on the extraordinary true story of Exeter City FC’s tour to South America in 1914. Chosen by the Football Association as a typical British football club they became the first side in history to play the Brazilian national football team and in so doing not only made history themselves but also founded possibly the greatest force in world football.

The venture has seen the Northcott collaborate with the Exeter City Football Club and Supporters’ Trust and the Bike Shed Theatre.

In an interview with the Exeter Express and Echo David Lockwood, of the Bike Shed Theatre, said: “In 2010 I was told a story of Coventry Belgrade’s production following their football team’s unexpected march to the FA Cup in 1987. When the winning goal was scored on the stage, the audience jumped up and cheered – theatre rarely has such an effect. I’m delighted that we’re able to collaborate on this fantastic project to make a production that will get audiences cheering for Exeter.”

The musical play will be performed by 120 local people telling the stories of the players and their wives, sweethearts and families back home.

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