Ten Things You Didn't Know About David Walliams

Posted on 4 January 2018

David Walliams has been entertaining us for the past 2 decades. He’s made us laugh in Little Britain, outrageously taunts Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent and is acknowledged as the natural heir to Roald Dahl when it comes to writing for children. As the stage version of his best-selling book Awful Auntie heads to the Belgrade Theatre, we reveal ten little-known facts about David.

1. He won’t be appearing on Strictly Come Dancing. “I can’t dance at all, as you might have seen in the TV adaptation of Gangsta Granny when I tried to dance with Miranda Hart. So I would say my chances are less than zero.”

2. Often compared to Roald Dahl, his favourite Dahl book is The Twits. “It’s utterly hilarious and I love that it is a children’s book with no child characters.”

3. He has a recipe for his children’s books. “I think a good children’s book should be funny and exciting, and a message that makes you think about it long after you have finished reading it.”

4. He loves seeing his books’ characters on stage. “You feel like a magician when as an author you see your book come to life. It’s a real thrill to hear audiences laughing, one that never leaves you even though I have been making comedy shows of my own for many years.”

5. His book Awful Auntie was inspired by a classic Stanley Kubrick film. “I am obsessed with the film The Shining. I wanted to create a horror story where a child was trapped in a house with a dangerous relative, cut off from the outside world.”

6. He collects autographs from the famous people he meets. “I’m not shy about his. If I see someone I really admire I’m really happy to get their autograph. I get people to sign books all the time”

7. He likes writing about the bad guys. “Villains are always so much more fun than heroes. I wanted Aunt Alberta to be funny as much as scary.”

8. He has good tips about how to play Tiddlywinks which features in Awful Auntie. “The great thing about Tiddlywinks is the name. It’s the best named game out there. I haven’t played it for years but I think speed is the key. Or feel free to cheat.”

9. He understands his audience. “Children love to be scared but it can’t be too horrifying. Children love to laugh but it can’t be too rude. You always have to be the right side of the line.”

10. He has one unfulfilled ambition. “I would like to meet and hopefully marry Rihanna.”

The stage version of David Walliams’ Awful Auntie from the award-winning Birmingham Stage Company is at the Belgrade Theatre 20-24 February