Stage School: Nativity! cast visit the real-life St. Bernadette's

Posted on 9 October 2018

Kids from the cast of Nativity! The Musical went back to school this week with a visit to the real-life Coventry primary made famous by the smash-hit Nativity! film series.

First used as the main location for the original 2009 movie, Holy Family RC Primary School in Keresley has continued to appear in subsequent installations, becoming well-known to locals as the real-life St Bernadette’s.

Nativity Cast

Inspired by the first film in the series, the recent musical adaptation similarly shows plucky youngsters from an unassuming Catholic comprehensive attempt to stage the best nativity play the world – or at least Coventry – has ever seen.

With a bit of help from their reluctant teacher, Mr Maddens, and his crazy teaching assistant, Mr Poppy, the children of St Bernadette’s eventually get their chance to sparkle and shine at Coventry Cathedral, outdoing even the fee-paying Oakmoor School for festive spectacle and pizzazz!

Nativity Cast

With just a couple of weeks to go until a brand new UK tour of the acclaimed stage show makes its hotly anticipated Coventry debut at the Belgrade Theatre, the kids from the fictional St. Bernadette’s took a quick tour of its real-life counterpart, visiting some of the areas featured in the film.

Later in the afternoon, a meet-and-greet with aspiring actors and singers from Holy Family’s own “Glee Club” saw the young performers answer questions from excited pupils, covering what it’s like to work on a big touring theatre production, how they keep up with their lessons during rehearsals, and how to deal with stage fright if they ever feel nervous!

Nativity Cast

All children featured in Nativity! The Musical’s Belgrade Theatre run are based in the Midlands, chosen via a series of open auditions that took place throughout the summer. While rivals Oakmoor School will be recast with children local to each venue on the tour, the children of St. Bernadette’s will travel with the show, taking a bit of homegrown magic to cities up and down the country.

In total, eleven young cast members went along to look around Holy Family, seven of whom were already familiar with the school, having been part of the filming for the upcoming fourth Nativity! feature film, Nativity Rocks! – look out for them on the big screen when it hits cinemas in November!

Fittingly, the afternoon ended with a quick sing-along to sparkle and shine, which teacher Mrs Corr-Wilson was particularly excited to join in with.

Nativity Cast

Deputy Head Teacher Sarah Collins said: “We were delighted to welcome the young cast members from Nativity! The Musical into our school. At Holy Family, the Nativity! productions (film and theatre) are all very close to the hearts of children and staff alike.”

Nativity! The Musical shows at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry from Tuesday 23 until Saturday 28 October. Tickets are available to book now.

Nativity Cast