Shake, Rattle & Roll - Shine On rehearsals continue for City Final

Posted on 11 June 2018

With just over a month until our youth and community groups take over the Coventry Evening Telegraph Building to perform their immersive, promenade show City Final as part of our Read All About It! project, excitement is building amongst the members of our Belgrade Arts Gym: Shine On group.

In her latest blog, performer Margaret Emerton fills us in on how the story and the costumes are developing, along with some photos by fellow participant Alan Van Wijgerden.

Shine On

With less than six weeks to go, the pace is hotting up.

The final script has been completed and the parts have been allocated, supposedly all we need to do now is learn the lines… except that’s not entirely true!

We’re still being introduced to ways of bringing the scenes and the characters to life.

In the first “blocking” session, we looked at the characters and their interaction with other characters in the physical space.

What was the character objective for that scene? What were the barriers? (- and I thought it was just a matter of learning lines!)

Shine On

The costume designers are also getting us together next week, which should be interesting. With the schedule of technical and dress rehearsals being agreed, we are getting a real feel of what it’s like to work on a big theatrical production.

Then it’s back to the scripts and the story for our show, which sets its scene at Coventry’s Locarno Ballroom in 1964…

Will heads turn as Shirley walks across the floor – a black face in the sea of white?

Will shy Luke find his true love?

Will sisters and friends agree or will the bet be won?

And who will have the last waltz?

Are the stories we tell still the same today or have we made a difference?

We are working towards Coventry becoming the City of Culture, a city where we are proud to call ourselves Coventry Kids.

“Shake, Rattle and Roll” if we dare!

Shine On

City Final runs as part of Read All About It! at the CET Building 10-14 July. Tickets are available to book now.