Refugee Week 2017

Posted on 15 June 2017

19 – 25 June marks Refugee Week. This year the theme for Refugee Week is “Different Pasts, Shared Future”. We’ve created a short film with members from our Community and Education theatre groups to highlight the notion of “shared future” in relation to the themes of “home” and “belonging”.

To do this, we explored individual experiences and opinions on the themes. We found commonalties of experience shared between different individuals, which showed shared values co-exist despite differences in components which impact our identity – be it through age, gender, country of origin, race and more.

We chose to explore the themes of “home” and “belonging” because they are often notions we don’t think too deeply about, or conversely, they are things we have been forced to examine.

Home, identity and belonging are personal concepts. Experience brings differing interpretations of how we perceive and understand them. By exploring what the concepts mean to individuals, we want to show how important and integral they are when striving towards a valuable and meaningful life.

This is particularly pertinent for refugee experience, where individuals have to leave their home, and have to inhabit a new environment and essentially, start again – which can and often does have an impact on perceptions of belonging and identity, as shown by Tishiri’s story.

By exploring these themes with our participants, we hope to open up the conversation around these topics and encourage a deeper understanding towards refugee experience.

Join us at the Belgrade Theatre to celebrate the start of Refugee Week 2017 with our event Our Space, Your Sanctuary. We will be hosting a panel discussion on Monday 19 June exploring what it means to be a place of sanctuary.