Props recycled as part of environmental policy

Posted on 29 November 2013

In keeping with our environmental policy to reuse, reduce and recycle, our operations dept recently sold the grand fish tank that featured on stage during our production of Nora in February 2013 and an old television from the staff/green room.

The large fish tank, which contained real fish, was on stage throughout the run of Nora, which is Ingmar Bergman’s adaptation of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.

Where possible, the production dept will always reuse parts of stage sets, but if they’re not likely to be used in another production then they are recycled, which was the case with this fish tank. It was sold on eBay where it fetched £142. The fish were re-homed with a member of staff and they’re very happy in their new abode!

We recently purchased a new television for the green room, which is where actors spend their time in between shows. Instead of throwing the old television away, this too was sold on eBay to a company who will be recycling it even further by sending it to a family in Africa.

The theatre is committed to doing all that it can to address climate change and reduce its impact on the environment. Executive Director Joanna Reid introduced the green policy, ‘Striving to be Green’ in 2008 and established an own in-house Green Team, which includes a representative from each department.

A number of initiatives have already been implemented which have helped to save energy, manage natural resources and cut these kinds of overhead costs, which as a charity, is key to the theatre’s sustainability and allows it to divert more resources to the work itself.

Find out more by visiting the environmental pages of the website.

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