Music from Crackers: Revenge by Forbes Masson

Posted on 1 December 2011

Here’s another ditty called Revenge from Forbes Masson’s upcoming crazy Christmas musical, Crackers, whihc returns to B2 from 8-22 Dec.

There’s plenty more where that came from! Click here to listen to Coventry Blue and here to listen to Checkout Guy.

Music from Crackers: Revenge by Forbes Masson (mp3)


Marjory Myrrh:
You condemned me to an icy tomb
With party platters, fabs and zooms
But your wicked plan was soon curtailed
When the shop’s mains power circuit fused and failed
I was found awake in this deep freeze
By Myfanwe here, who heard me sneeze
And she took me to one of the local a and e’s
Where I was in a put in a geriatric with
Diagnosed with head trauma and amnesia
Prescribed with psycho-active analgesia
And as if my symptoms weren’t bleak enough or hairy
These pills sent me literally away with the fairies.
I went crackers Wah Aah
Completely Crackers Wah Aah
I stole an old lady’s clothes, and her identity
Discharged myself and wandered deleriously
But now my melting memory has flooded back to me
Now I’m all the woman that I used to be
That my melting mind took an equal time to draw
Archibald, you’re evil and full of greed and sin
You tried to bump me off, you tried to do me in
But now you’ll get a taste of your own medicine
Revenge! Is a dish we are told
A dish that is best served cold
But the form of retribution I have chosen
Has a temperature that makes it frozen.

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