Meet the Puppets - Introducing Jimpy the Cockerel

Posted on 9 September 2015

Scott Brooker, puppet designer and maker is currently hard at work creating all of the puppets for our new musical co-production of The Silver Sword which premiers at the Belgrade Theatre at the end of September.

The puppets are objet trouvé, which means they are fashioned from everyday ‘found objects’ – a style of puppet-design popularized in the early 20th century. It means that the puppets themselves can be made of all sorts of everyday objects.

The first character to be made is the delightful Jimpy the cockerel, created from, amongst other things, two sieves, with bent forks for feet. Because the play is set around World War 2, the puppets are constructed out of materials that would have been available around that time, and are meant to look more worn and battered to reflect their surroundings and those around them (they are supposed to have survived a war after all!)

Jimpy is companion to Jan, one of the main characters in the play, scratching out a poultry existence in the aftermath of the Second World War. Made largely out of metal objects, and a little bit pointy, Jimpy isn’t the most huggable

You can preview a selection of fantastic shots of Jimpy under construction from Scott’s studio by clicking on the gallery to your right.