Meet the Puppets - Ludwig the Dog

Posted on 21 September 2015

As we get closer and closer to the premier of The Silver Sword at the Belgrade on 26 September, the cast are getting quite used to working with their puppets. Everyday objects have been used to create the animals in the play, a technique known as objet trouvé or ‘found object’- a style of puppet-making popularized in the first half of the twentieth century.

Ludwig the Dog is made of hessian sacks and his teeth are made of clothes pegs. Scott Brooker, The Silver Sword’s puppet-maker was careful to give Ludwig’s jaw a dose of realism – he worked from an actual canine jaw to design his mouth. Ludwig have movable legs and can walk across the floor with the help of two handles on his back. Stuffed and different coloured sacks covering his body, Ludwig is a friendly, if slightly worn-looking dog (he’s maintained his good humour throughout the war!) With his floppy ears and button-eyes, Ludwig is an excellent companion for Jan, and helps him through troubles when it seems all hope is lost.

You can see Ludwig the Dog, Bistro the Chimp and Jimpy the Cockerel in the musical adaptation of The Silver Sword, at the Belgrade Sar 26 Sept – Sat 3 Oct.