Meet the Puppets - Bistro the Chimp

Posted on 21 September 2015

The finishing touches have just been put upon the puppets for The Silver Sword, which premieres here at the Belgrade next week. Scott Brooker, our master puppet-maker has been hard at work, using everyday objects to create the animals in the play, a technique known as objet trouvé, which means they are fashioned from everyday ‘found objects’ – a style of puppet-design popularized in the early 20th century.

Bistro is a chimp who hides in the back of an army vehicle. To reflect this, he’s made of oily rags. Cheeky, irreverent, with a penchant for monkeying around, Bistro is a lot more cuddly than Jimpy the Cockerel, and moves very differently to him. As the cast learn to use the puppets, Bistro is getting a lot of exercise and wears his distinctive silver goggles to complete his driving-related look. With a sturdy base beneath his soft exterior, Bistro is a hardy puppet, with a smiley face that highlights all of the mischief he gets up to. He also has ultra-realistic hands and feet! A lot more naturalistic than the cockerel, Jimpy, Bistro is a bundle of rags and a bundle of laughs.

Join us from the 26th September to see Bistro and all of the other puppets in action in The Silver Sword.