Meet The Orchestra! Discovering The Music of Propaganda Swing

Posted on 31 August 2014

‘Everyone knows that the Germans love their music….and it isn’t just the marching tunes they dig. It aint all Lederhosen and Oompahpah. Sometimes they move their feet to a different beat. I’m talking about the music they call hot…jungle jump…jitterbug…the sound that swings….that cacophonous conspiracy against the white race…I’m talking about Jazz’

Bill Constant

From Tiger Rag to Minnie The Moocher by way of ‘Who’s Afraid of The Big Bag Wolf’, music plays an integral role in the story of Propaganda Swing. Throwing a spotlight on the true story of Karl Schwedler, otherwise known as ‘Charly’ and his orchestra, Peter Arnott’s new play explores the characters behind the story of how some of the greatest German jazz musicians of the 1930s entered into a Faustian pact with the Fascists in order to continue playing their beloved music at the price of seeing it corrupted for evil.

In our latest video blog from the Propaganda Swing rehearsal room, we catch up with actor-musicians Tomm Coles (Lutz Templin), Clara Darcy (Anita Spada) and Paul Lincoln (Heinrich Hinkel) to find out more about the types of music featured in the show, the unique challenges of swing and their initial reaction to hearing the original ‘Lutz Templin’ radio broadcasts for the very first time…

Tickets for Propaganda Swing are available from the Belgrade Theatre Box Office on 024 7655 3055 or via our website where tickets are cheaper.