Meet the characters of Propaganda Swing

Posted on 22 August 2014

Discover more about some of the characters in Peter Arnott’s captivating new play, Propaganda Swing. Based on a true story, some of the characters in Peter’s play are based on real life people, such as Charly Schwedler, Lala Anderson and Lord Haw Haw.

In our latest series on Instagram, we’ve chosen some character defining quotes from the play, paired with stunning photos of the cast to give you a sense of who they are.

Currently in rehearsal, Propaganda Swing, comes to the Belgrade’s Main Stage from 13 – 27 September.

Carl Schwedler, official, Propaganda Ministry, 35

Lala Anderson, German Singer, 32

William Joyce. English traitor. Known as Lord Haw Haw, 45

Otto Stenzl, German Entertainer, 48

Heinrich Hinkel, Official, Propaganda Ministry, 50

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