Meet the characters of Only A Day

Posted on 13 February 2015

Our magical new children’s show, Only A Day, has flown into the Belgrade’s B2 auditorium this week and has wowed adults and children alike! In this blog, we take a more in depth look at the three main characters in the show – Fox, Boar and Mayfly.


First of all, meet our adorable little Mayfly, played by actress Dominique Jackson who is best known for her roles in Hollyoaks and children’s TV series Becky and Barnaby Bear. At the beginning of the play, Mayfly hatches into the world, full of the joy of living and determined to experience life the full. She befriends the fox and the boar and together they go on journey through life’s many stages, discovering the power of friendship along the way. Mayfly wears a pink tutu that lights up, gold rimmed sunglasses and a pair of wings on her back.


Fox, also affectionately known as ‘Foxy’, is played by the marvellous Jacob James Beswick, who plays the role with all the agility of a true fox. He is best friends with the Boar and loves to hunt tasty chickens! Unlike your typical crafty and cunning fox, he’s sweet and kind hearted. He always has the Mayfly’s best interests at heart even though sometimes he and the Boar do not make the smartest of decisions! Foxy has a long bushy tail and and pointy ears sewn on to his orange hoodie.


This friendly wild Boar is best mates with Foxy and is played by actor Andrew Ashford. Boar is a big slow-moving creature with a heart of gold. He admires the sweet little Mayfly and likes nothing more than to dig for truffles. Boar wear a big puffy parka, camouflage trousers and a fluffy hat!

Meet Boar. This cumbersome creature has a soft spot for the dainty little Mayfly. He appears in #OnlyADay which opens tonight.

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Lowri Aimes plays the role of Cricket, a violin-playing creature who follows the Fox, the Boar and the Mayfly on their journey. The Cricket has a taste for steampunk style and wears a waistcoat, stripy leggings and black tailcoat.

Our final character in #OnlyADay is this charming violin playing Cricket!

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