Blood - On Location with Caneze and Sully

Posted on 6 March 2015

This week marked the arrival of cast members Krupa Pattani and Adam Samuel-Bal to Coventry as rehearsals for our new co-production of Blood got underway in the Patrick Suite.

Ahead of the show’s arrival, Krupa and Adam, who play soul mates Caneze and Sully in the show, took time away from the rehearsal room to pose for photographs in and around Coventry City Centre. After stopping off in Windsor Street for a romantic shot or two, it was time to turn up the heat with a visit to the Coventry branch of Nandos – a perfect date-spot and the setting of Caneze and Sully’s first romantic encounter in the show.

Speaking about her new play, writer Emteaz Hussain said:_ ‘‘Blood is essentially about two young people who really love each other and want to be together. After the 2011 riots, I felt frustrated over the myopic portrayal of working class young people in Britain. I remember thinking it was a difficult time for young people to be alive, particularly if you happen to be from a migrant background where your parents aren’t necessarily of the country and you are of a particular faith or cultural group. It was important to me to write a play which captured the complexity of young people’s lives and the brave, sassy way they negotiate their world and all its complexities, whether that mean dealing with Islamophobia, racism, class conflict or the expectations of a particular culture or religion. I want audiences to empathize with these characters, each of which is faced with the reality of having to choose between their family and the person they have fallen head over heels for’‘. _

You can view a selection of highlights from Sully and Caneze’s urban photo call by clicking on the gallery to your right.

Blood is a co-production between the Belgrade and Tamasha Theatre Company. Set among a Midlands Pakistani community, Blood has been described as a 21st century ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Fresh, funny and heart-wrenchingly honest, Blood cuts through political agendas and goes straight to the heart.

Tickets for Blood priced from £9 and are on sale now. To book, call our friendly Box Office team on 024 7655 3055 or visit