A lighting watercolour of The Demon King

Watercolour pictures show the lighting design for Mother Goose

Posted on 13 October 2011

The lighting designer for Mother Goose, Marcus Robinson, has created some amazing watercolour images to help him design the lighting for the show. In the images section at the top right hand side of this page you’ll find some that he has painted for some early scenes involving The Demon King and The Good Fairy.

We caught up with Marcus to find out how and why he plans his designs in this way, “They are really mood sketches, to give me a feel of who is the focus of the action, so I can get an idea of who and what need lighting in any particular scene. This helps me to work out if one character needs emphasis or whether it’s a really bright scene where there is a lot of action. Quick sketches help me to work out a colour palette based on the costume and set design. This forms a story board which helps me to work out the lighting for each scene.”

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