Light Show - Multi-Sensory Theatre

Posted on 14 October 2015

Oily Cart, who are the creator’s of the Light Show are a theatre company that specialises in creating productions for very young audiences, and for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. By transforming performance environments, they engage with the imagination, and use a a wide range of multi-sensory techniques as well as hydro-therapy, aromatherapy, video projection and puppetry, they’re able to create highly specialised theatre for their audiences. Oily Cart creates theatre for young people with complex disabilities (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities or an Autistic Spectrum Condition). This highly acclaimed work often utilises unusual settings like hydro-therapy pools and trampolines. It also can incorporate a range of multi-sensory techniques such as water and bubbles, paper fans, perfume sprays and ultra-violet lighting.

Many people with autism and severe and profound learning disabilities can find busy environments distressing and can find theatre-going a stressful experience. Here at the Belgrade, we’re committed to opening theatre up for all, and so are delighted to be bringing a show that is targeted at those who might not necessarily always get to enjoy theatre. With performers who are trained to respond sensitively to each individual’s reaction and to cater each sensory experience to the young person with whom they are working, Oily Cart excel at making performance accessible and fun for each participant of their shows. Each experience is unique, based on the participant’s own communication skills and interests – making each performance tailor-made. We are getting as much information about our patrons’ special needs for this show, so that Oily Cart can best understand and alterthe performances to their needs.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to theatre, and we hope we can show the inclusive nature of performance through our Light Show performances. Light Show is a multi-sensory experience that children with autism and learning disabilities can enjoy along with their carers. Relaxed, intimate and tailored to suit participants, with the focus upon the participant getting the most out of the experience, we’re excited to be bringing Light Show to Coventry, and using this exciting and immersive type of theatre to engage with those with specific needs.

Light Show is going to be on at the Belgrade on the 27 and 28 Oct – book tickets now for an incredible theatre experience!