Join the Reasons to be Cheerful tour & make a protest song for your generation!

Posted on 19 May 2017

How can we make sure our voices are not shut away? How do we make ourselves seen and heard?

In 1981 Britain was changing – we were on the edge of massive political change, music was continuing to present the changing landscape, and D/deaf and disabled people were rising up. In the same year, singer-songwriter Ian Dury (of Ian Dury and The Blockheads) penned Spasticus Autisticus, an anti-charity protest song against International Year of Disabled Persons, a concept he found patronising.

36 years later, the UK is again undergoing massive change, and globally the world is a different place, with new shifts in power and a new generation rising up to be seen and heard. Song continues to be a way we channel anger, maintain solidarity and demand change.

Three Steps to a Revolution:

1. The Reasons

Book an Introductory Reasons to be Cheerful workshop to set you on your way. You can also request our exclusive Songwriting guide, full of professional song writing tips and ideas of how to make songs accessible.

2. The Rhyme

Make an original protest song*. Send it to us. We’ll be choosing songs to take on tour; firing up audiences around the country!

3. The Revolution

Come see the show on tour and join the revolution.

We will welcome songs in any format accessible for you, including signed song, lyric videos and audio recordings.

To get involved contact Jodi-Alissa Bickerton, Creative Learning Director or call 020 7613 6900