International Day of Older Persons - Belgrade Elders Company get stuck in

Posted on 1 October 2019

Since January 2019, Belgrade Arts Gymnasium member Margaret Emerton has been blogging about her experiences of being a participant at the Belgrade Theatre. Margaret is one of many bloggers across the region sharing their experiences of participating in events that impact positivity on their health and wellbeing.

These are helping to mark the Year of Wellbeing in Coventry and Warwickshire and highlight the importance of mental and physical health and happiness for all of us. As we prepare to celebrate International Day of Older Persons and reconvene our Arts Gymnasium groups after our summer break, Margaret picks up her pen again (or shall we say touches her fingers to her computer) to share her thoughts with us:

1st October was designated as International Day of Older Persons by the United Nations in 1990. Across the world, people will be joining together today to celebrate the journey of life and to raise awareness of ageism in the Burbidge Room of the Belgrade Theatre from 1pm-4pm.

The members of the Belgrade Theatre Arts Gymnasium will come together to celebrate and share experiences from their life journeys.

The Elders Company, formed for the purpose of devising and performing the play Behind the Net Curtains, will start the event by sharing skills and knowledge gained during this project. They will explore with the other groups the theme of this year, The Journey to Age Equality, through words, music and improvised sketches. (In the photograph above they are planning what they would like to share with the other Arts Gymnasium participants.)

The Play Reading Group, an initiative led by one of our members, will perform sketches in the form of radio plays. These have been written and produced by the members.

The Friendship Group, following on from an initial Age UK group, is now self-supported and funded. They will led drama activities followed by a discussion around age inequality.

The afternoon, like all good afternoons will finish with tea and coffee and a few nibbles. A good chance to meet friends old and new.

As we look towards Coventry City of Culture 2021 we are reminded that the elders of the city helped raise our city from the ashes, used their skills, experience and hard work to build a city that was renowned the world over for its huge and varied manufacturing base.

We are the history of the city and very much part of its future.

Let us celebrate diversity of both culture and age.

Age is a number not a diagnosis.