Growing Excitement - Arts Gym: Shine On rehearsals continue at the CET Building

Posted on 30 April 2018

With Easter now behind us, our youth and community groups are continuing their rehearsals for our Read All About It CET takeover 10-14 July. As ideas progress and stories begin to take shape, the groups are now getting the chance to work more closely with the design team, helping them to visualize the finished piece.

Arts Gym: Shine On ambassador Margaret Emerton tells us more about the process below, with photographs by Alan Van Wijgerden

Shine On

With the Easter break over, it’s straight into three days of rehearsals.

As we enter the lobby of CET Building, we join 4 generations of “Coventry Kids” (for some their adopted city). This week, we’re working with script writers, as well as set, costume and sound designers.

Slowly the other groups disappear into their performance areas in this warren of a building and we are left to work in our area.

Shine On

We are joined by the set and costume designer and introduced to the design box, a 3D model of the set, complete with stages and bars (without the drinks!), glitter balls and glorious drapes. Wow! The excitement is growing, and it’s all taking shape…

And now we’re back to the script. Slowly the words on the paper are brought to life as characters are built around them. With every reading we are adding in actions, changing the way the character interact with each other. The relationships blossom as friends, siblings and mates emerge.

To experience the concept of on-site performances we are taken on a journey, upstairs and down corridors acting as an audience viewing, as we go, the work in progress of the other groups.

Shine On

Then it’s our turn to give a taste of our stories that are emerging, the friends’ rivalry for the best looking guys in town, the sisters’ difference of opinions, or the serial lover proposing marriage to every girl he meets (I wonder why!).

When the show is complete, the audience will wander through the scene, becoming part of it before continuing on the tour to explore more scenes around the building.

It feels like we’re on the launch pad, but don’t start the engines just yet! There’s still a lot of work to do.

The buzz is contagious! I can’t wait for take-off in July!

Shine On

Read All About It runs 10-14 July and is part of the Coventry Great Place project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Coventry University, University of Warwick, Coventry City Council and Coventry Business Improvement District. Tickets are available to book now.