Green Office Week 2013: Day Two, Transport

Posted on 14 May 2013

This week (13 – 17 May) is Green Office Week, which aims to help make offices around the world greener by focusing on a different environmental topic every day.

For the second year running we will be supporting the initiative and showing our ongoing commitment to our environmental policy by posting daily updates about the efforts we have made in the last year to make our offices, and the rest of the building, greener.

Tuesday’s topic is Transport

In a bid to reduce the theatre’s environmental impact through travel we have initiated a Cycle to Work scheme and we endeavour to only arrange meetings that incur travel if they are completely necessary. Other initiatives in the last year have included:

  • Car sharing is encouraged for meetings that are taking place away from the theatre and for journeys between the theatre and the Belgrade Production Services workshops on Red Lane
  • The use of Skype and other video conferencing software is encouraged for brief meetings between staff based at Red Lane and the theatre to limit the number of journeys between the two venues.
  • We’re continuing to try and source a suitable electric car to replace the current fuel-car that is used for journeys between Red Lane and the theatre.

For more information on the Belgrade’s environmental policy and the work that has been undertaken to manage natural resources please visit the environmental section of the website.

Check out the transport page on the Green Office Week website for tips and info on how to make your office greener.

Check back tomorrow to find out how we’re making our office greener in terms of waste.