Green Office Week 2013: Day One, Energy

Posted on 13 May 2013

This week (13 – 17 May) is Green Office Week, which aims to help make offices around the world greener by focusing on a different environmental topic every day.

For the second year running we will be supporting the initiative and showing our ongoing commitment to our environmental policy by posting daily updates about the efforts we have made in the last year to make our offices, and the rest of the building, greener.

Monday’s topic is Energy

A number of initiatives have already been implemented which have helped the theatre to save energy and manage natural resources. In the last year these have included:

  • Our iconic chandeliers have undergone an environmentally friendly makeover with all 300 60 watt bulbs replaced with 18 watt energy saving halogen lamps which use 2.5 kw less energy on each chandelier.
  • Taps have been replaced in public toilets to reduce the flow of water (they now only run for 7 seconds).
  • After investigation regarding which is greener, hand dryers have replaced the use of paper towels in public toilets
  • Work has been carried out to improve the air cooling system in the Main Stage auditorium and the Building Management System, which continues to monitor and control the services in the building, including gas and electricity.
  • After investigation and discussion with appropriate suppliers, it was agreed that photovoltaic panels on the flat roof of the theatre was impractical due to the age of the roof and impossibility of guaranteeing the condition of the roof. In the future when installing a new roof suitable materials will be used to withstand a photovoltaic system.
  • All lighting is on sensors in lobbies and toilets so they’re only on when in use.
  • Building work is due to be carried out at the BPS workshops at Red Lane, which will ultimately make the building more environmentally friendly
  • All pipes in the offices have been lagged to reduce the amount of heat that escapes.
  • All office windows have anti-reflection film fitted to improve insulation and reduce glare

For more information on the Belgrade’s environmental policy and the work that has been undertaken to manage natural resources please visit the environmental section of the website.

Check out the Energy page on the Green Office Week website for tips and info on how to make your office greener.

Check back tomorrow to find out how we’re making our office greener in terms of Transport.

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