Going green for World Toilet Day

Posted on 19 November 2018

Here at the Belgrade Theatre, we’re proud to showcase the many ways in which we’re committed to working towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Following the fantastic response to our recent shift from disposable plastics to biodegradable alternatives across all of our bars and café, we’ve now stepped things up even further with changes to toilet facilities throughout the building.

On World Toilet Day, here’s an insight into how our new toilet rolls and dispensers are helping to reduce our environmental impact.

Now installed throughout the building, our new dispensers are made from a more durable ABS plastic with a secure locking system, ensuring they last longer without needing to be replaced.

Meanwhile, all of the toilet rolls they contain are now made using pure paper pulp sourced from sustainable suppliers as part of the recycling process. Marked Ecolabel UK/004/002, this new toilet paper has been specially designed to break down more than twice as fast as other types of toilet tissue, helping to reduce blockages. Where other products take around 40 seconds to break down, this eco-friendly paper disperses in just 15 seconds.

It might not be turning anyone into an overnight billionaire, but we reckon this new loo roll is just as worth shouting about as Len Spud’s revolutionary Bum Fresh in Billionaire Boy The Musical! What’s more, this is one clever invention that won’t have any unexpected side effects…