Give your recycling its 15 mins of fame as props for The Alchemist

Posted on 16 January 2014

Our stage management team are on the lookout for empty, uncrushed beer, lager or cider cans that will be recycled as props for our new adaptation of classic comedy
The Alchemist, which opens in B2 from Sat 1 to Sat 22 Feb.

As well as the cans, they also require about 30 of the multipack cardboard boxes that they come in and various empty fast food/takeaway containers, such as Pizza, KFC and MacDonald’s boxes.

Steve Cressy, the Belgrade’s Stage Manager said, “In keeping with our environmental policy we make it a priority to reuse and recycle, so instead of buying all of these products and wasting the contents, we’re asking members of the public to donate their empty cans and containers to us and we will recycle them as props for The Alchemist. We will be accepting donations from now until the show opens on 1 Feb. All you need to do is hand your cans and containers in at the theatre Box Office.”

For any further information please contact Steve Cressy via

This fresh adaptation of classic comedy The Alchemist updates the corruption and crookery of this timeless tale from 17th century London to modern day Coventry.

The story follows a trio of undesirable criminals and con artists who prey on the weaknesses of local citizens by offering a range of alternative services, from the secret of eternal youth, to that recipe of recipes which will turn a tin can into bankable gold.

Masters of the ludicrous disguise, the team of shameless scammers find their multiple deceptions spiralling out of control, until they receive some alarming news.

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