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Posted on 27 February 2012

You can donate what you want?

As part of the Creative Gymnasium series of work the Community & Education Company are not charging for tickets but will be asking for donations after the performance. All proceeds will go towards supporting the Belgrade’s ongoing work within the local community

Creative Gymnasium is an arts and health project made up of 4 productions from groups across the Belgrade’s Community & Education Company, the productions cover various health issues that affect Coventry and will resonate with the participant’s peers and the wider community.

Janthi Mills, General Manager, says “The idea behind Donate Want You Want is to encourage as many people to see the work of the Company and reduce any financial barriers that may restrict people from attending the Belgrade. In addition it is expected that the audiences will see the value of the work both in terms of the staged work and the benefits that the participants involved get from performing and want to donate to the company to ensure that this work can continue”.

Ministry of Meh is the first production to be staged as part of Creative Gymnasium and begins this Wednesday, after the production the cast members will be circulating in the foyers with collection buckets…so remember Donate What You Want.

Click here to find out more about the charitable activities of the Belgrade Theatre.