Do you have family connections to the British Indian Army during WW1 and 2?

Posted on 15 April 2016

What’s YOUR Hidden History?

Are you a resident of Coventry and Warwickshire with family connections to the British Indian Army during WW1 and WW2? If so, the Belgrade Theatre wants to hear from YOU.

To mark the opening of Wipers in Coventry, the Belgrade Theatre is appealing for local residents to come forward to share their ‘hidden histories’ of WW1 and 2.

The Belgrade Theatre is particularly interested in hearing from local residents with family or community links to Indian soldiers (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and others) who fought in The Great War between 1914-1918.

Commenting on the appeal, Wipers Director Suba Das said: ‘I think that one of the things we can be really proud of here in the UK is our long-tradition of respecting and celebrating diversity and it’s important that audiences understand that this tradition of collaboration goes back a long way. Yes, that history isn’t without its complexities. Yes, there are aspects of that history which should be celebrated and others that we would rather forget but ultimately, it’s what made Britain the country that it is today.’

‘Over a million South Asian men volunteered to join the British Army during the First World War. As a nationality, South Asians received one of the highest percentages of Victoria Crosses during the conflict. That’s an incredible contribution and something we should all be proud of. That’s what we want people to take away from the show and from this event. That extraordinary things happen when people come together.’

If you have a memory, photo or story that you would like to share, please contact Kate Evans (Communications Officer – Press and Digital Media) on Tel: 024 7684 6715 or email:

Any memories gathered as part of the Hidden Histories appeal will go towards the creation of a temporary exhibition which will be displayed at the Belgrade during the show’s run in Coventry.