Disability Access Weekend

Posted on 10 March 2017

To mark Disability Access Weekend, we are profiling the work that we do and giving visitors an opportunity to have a taster of some of the access provisions that we undertake.

Between 12 – 2 pm on Friday 10 March, we will have a stall on the ground floor of our foyer where we will have information about our access provisions, as well as information from service providers across our local and neighbouring communities.

Today, we will give visitors the opportunities to:

•Try out headsets – try both functionalities of the headset: audio description and audio enhancement.

•Captioning – ask one of our access providers to see how captioning works in our auditorium.

•Accessible seating – come and see which seats are wheelchair accessible and also which ones are accessible for people with limited mobility.

Whilst we are working hard to make our theatre as accessible as possible, we are always happy to receive feedback on ways in which we can approve – input is always something that we value so that we can improve our practice.