Did you know…we make theatre that reflects Coventry?

Posted on 9 April 2013

Since reopening in 2007, Hamish Glen (Artistic Director of the Belgrade Theatre) has developed an artistic programme that not only reflects Coventry’s internationalism but also its rich history.

Hamish commissioned a trilogy of Coventry plays from local playwrights – One Night in November and Too Much Pressure from Alan Pollock and We Love You City from Nick Walker. All three productions highlighted a particular moment within Coventry’s history, a fateful night of the Blitz, the closure of the city’s car manufacturing factories and the moment that Coventry City Football Club beat the odds and won the FA Cup.

These productions not only gave people the opportunity to come together and talk about their experiences, they also educated younger generations about their city. Theatre has long been a method of telling stories, sharing experiences, promoting community cohesion and a sense of local pride and the Belgrade is keen to continue this tradition.

This October, we will be restaging One Night in November, on the Main Stage. One Night in November tells the story of one family’s experience of the Coventry Blitz and explores the theory that Winston Churchill sacrificed the city for the greater good – or to provoke America into war.

Approaching the 73rd anniversary of that night, the Coventry Blitz is a vital part of the history of Coventry and one still studied by many Coventry students. Therefore the Belgrade sees the restaging of this production as an essential service for the city and its residents.

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