Did you know….We give a voice to young people?

Posted on 23 April 2012

This week will see the staging of a new play by one of our Community & Education Company’ group, Acting Out, which works with young people at serious risk of permanent exclusion from school.

The production, Truth or Dare, explores issues that are relevant to the participants of the group around issues of self-discovery. The production itself was written with their input being key, to ensure that the play truly reflected their voice.

This sometimes means that the nature and use of language and subject matter may make for uncomfortable listening, but we believe that it is extremely important that their voice is heard, rather than a group of adults trying to put words in their mouths. This way it opens up discussions about the real lives of young people today.

Commissioning new plays for our participants can be expensive, but is a valuable investment in encouraging young people to explore the realities of their own lives.

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